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Release Guide

Detailed release guides for all major releases ranging from shoes, collectables, sports cards, art, toys, and much more. We will give you the best information possible in order to secure profits.

High Speed Monitors

With lightning fast monitors and staff who are always on the look out we will ping all members when hyped drops are restocking. Not only do we have shoe site monitors we also have monitors for all retail sites and bot checkout logs

Amazon Onboarding

Getting started on Amazon can be difficult for some people but our knowledgeable staff provides guides and consistent items that resell for great margins on Amazon. These include ungating guides for all major categories and one on one support.

Exclusive Flips

We pride ourselves in having every flip possible, from brickseek flips, brick flips, luxury resell, sports cards, collectables, toys, seasonal flips, sneakers, streetwear, NFT's and more. Whatever there is to resell we guarantee to provide that information for you.

High-end Partnerships

We have a in house autofill tool that has great success on Shopify, Supreme, and Stripe. Additionally we have multiple group buys with some of the top bots and proxy providers in the business, giving our members an opportunity to get bots at a discounted price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Reselling is one of the easiest side hustles to get into, we have had hundreds of individuals with no experience profit thousands monthly after starting with little to no money. We have dedicated staff that will assist you every step of the way on while you're getting started

Go to our purchase tab enter your billing info then you will be directed to login with your Discord account to be automatically added to the server after completing your checkout.

Yes, we have a large group of staff who is always active and can support you at any time. We understand starting out can be overwhelming so we have created guides to assist you along your journey.

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